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2017 Design Trends for New Homes

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A new year brings new trends and new technologies, which leads to change inside and outside of new homes! Here, we’ll talk about some of the biggest trends in 2017 and how you can incorporate them into your StoryBook Home!

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Las Vegas New Homes by StoryBook Homes

Open Floor Plans & Cool Kitchens

Many new homes have been utilizing the open floor plan trend, where the kitchen is open to the living room. This allows your family to stay more connected, and makes your home feel simultaneously homey and spacious. This makes the kitchen more of a focal point than before, and home owners are taking advantage of this to incorporate interesting focal points into their decor. A backsplash of glass mosaic tiles feels fun and fresh, without being too overpowering. Use pendant lights to add a touch of glamour.

Las Vegas New Homes by StoryBook Homes

Velvet Fabrics & Jewel Tones

2017 is all about bold colors and unique fabrics. Velvet has been established as a huge trend this year, on runways and in magazines, and now in homes. Of course, some new homes are seeing oversized velvet couches and long curtains, but if you’d prefer just a pop of this trending fabric, try some throw pillows or small velvet ottomans, as seen above. Add some decor in rich colors like ruby, emerald, and indigo for a design that is sophisticated and modern. 

Keep it Natural

Also color trend is Pantone’s Color of the Year, Greenery. Use this bright green color for an accent wall, or just accent furniture. Of course, plants are a great way to work this color in as well! You can mix-and-match different shades of green, or use natural patterns, like a palm print or a floral pop. Minimal furniture, like the barely-there lucite coffee table above, meets bold accent colors and funky patterns.

The New Minimal

Last year was all about minimalism and clean white rooms. 2017 is adapting that trend in a cozier direction.  Instead of keeping a room all-white, which can look too sterile, add in a variety of shades from eggshell to beige. Add in different textures as well for a look that is clean and cozy. Add some deep purples and bright reds for a romantic touch. 

How do you feel about these trends for new homes? Will you incorporate them into your StoryBook home? Which is your favorite?